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Giovanna Fera is the founder of Paradox Living. She was born in a small city on the Italian–French border, Sanremo, home to the music festival and the festival of flowers. When she was seven, she moved to Melbourne, Australia, with her family and later settled in Brisbane in the sunshine state. After a summer vacation in Italy, Giovanna decided Rome would be her home. In the romantic eternal city, she developed her love for art, history, and food; she brought back her 20 year experience to Australia, where she now lives with her two children.

Giovanna has written and published 11 books. She is the author and illustrator of an art therapy bedtime series and the Flow Tales Fairy Series, which focuses on body image, belonging, and the environment as it showcases beautiful Queensland locations. She is also the author of the political thriller, ‘The President’s Paradox’, a gripping story that outlines the complexities of our minds, the future of drugs, and society's collective dopamine-driven mental state in a technological world. It's an inspiring story of a First Lady, mother and wife and her tenacity to hold her family together in times of crisis.

Giovanna has a career portfolio which has taken her from HR corporate training roles to academic ones as a trainer and assessor. She has worked for the Queensland Government recruiting graduates and mentoring them in the graduate program. She has a diploma in community service and art psychotherapy. Her insatiable need to learn and experiment with new styles, techniques, and theories brought her to experiment with art and creative writing in her spare time. 

Giovanna is an advocate of mental health education in schools. With her creative way of teaching complex concepts to children, she has shown how easy it can be woven into the school curriculum, and kids love it. When Giovanna is not working, she volunteers where she can. She facilitated art workshops at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in the chronic pain management program. She has also worked as a talk therapist with palliative patients. Other volunteer roles included home decorator for Rizeup to help victims of domestic violence.

Giovanna is best known for her vast and diverse subject matter. The challenging topics she initiates and the projects she has set out show that Giovanna is committed to empowering and motivating people to take the necessary steps to overcome fear.

"Only when you let go of fear and take the daring step to create and share your story or product are you able to produce something meaningful that will motivate and inspire others to do the same." You have become a leader, and people should know!"

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