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The President of the United States, Maurice Reed has become a marionette who has lost his sense of belonging and rationality. Manipulated by an octopus puppeteer, the president starts to receive mixed messages that form the very paradoxes in his life.

The Italian ’Ndrangheta, the most powerful criminal organisation in the world, wants the tangible—the White House, as well as the intangible—the president’s mind.

The president starts to manifest the first signs of paranoia as he questions if the Mafia is real or a figment of his imagination, and if what he is being accused of and blackmailed over ever occurred.

His dream of approaching the war on drugs differently has become a timebomb that will put his family and the nation at risk. With the president not fit for office and his mental state developing into something more sinister, the White House starts to panic. A plan to swiftly and efficiently restore order comes to light, but who is the real architect of this plan?

A gripping political thriller that outlines the complexities of our minds, the future of drugs, and society's collective dopamine-driven mental state in a technological world, this is an inspiring story of a mother and wife and her tenacity to hold her family together in times of crisis.


Author, artist, educator, and art therapist Giovanna Fera believes every child needs access to the portal of free expression that is opened by imagination and creativity. Children need a place they can seek refuge in when things get a little challenging.


Peaceful and serene sleep enables children to drift away into a world where there are no dangers or threats, and where the body can repair itself; but most of all where magic can happen. Children absorb the feelings and fears of adults around them; therefore, bed and story time is the prep work for a healing sleep experience.


This bedtime series shows the potential of flow art in healing and relaxing. Through this book’s original artwork, the child becomes the artist as they look for their own funny and happy faces in the story they invent. Children victims of domestic violence who constantly live in flight or fight mode can benefit from this art and story bedtime ritual. These children, more than others, have the right to peaceful sleep in a magical safe place and dream of their flow friends who will keep them company and protect them for the night!

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When a frizzy drink truck and a chocolate drink truck crash, what is born is something magical that will change life on earth forever. Friendly shapeshifters are floating in our universe as flow cells, and when they collide with the earth, they give birth to three wonderful Flow Fairies that will heal the earth as never seen before.

Flow Fairy Fin, the mermaid fairy has now landed on a coral in the Queensland Great Barrier Reef, and from that point on, great things will happen.



Flow Fairy Fern discovers she is an earth empath, she feels what the earth feels, but she doesn’t believe in herself. She does not believe she can help health the earth because she does not like the way she looks. The only way for her to save the Queensland tropical rainforest is to enter a portal…BUT the portal will only appear if she believes and accepts herself

The future of the rainforest is all in her hands



The three fairies have to prove to the Flow Queen that they are wise fairies. The Flow Queen has set out a resilience test and they must overcome obstacles in the harsh Australian outback. Just when everyone has lost hope, something magical happens. This time It’s up to Flow Fairy Fran to save the day.



When three Australian girls land on the Alaskan island of Kodiak with their hearts set on adventure and escape from their emotional issues, they soon discover that something is awry at their farm-stay lodge.

A mystery disappearance and the rushed departure of a former occupant haunts one of them with visions of a girl in a pink organza dress. Chelsea has a complex and gifted mind, but her friends and the local police doubt her sanity when she saves a child from drowning in the nearby lake. What was she doing in her nightdress and barefoot by the lake in the freezing morning? Who is the girl in the pink dress? What is hidden in the lodge attic? Chelsea’s persistent probing places her and her friends in grave danger. Nobody will ever be the same again in Womens Bay.



Carla Sanchez lives in a villa in rural Spain with her police officer husband and their small daughter Graciela. On the surface, they appear a normal family, but his way of taking care of his family is to control their every move. For years now he has been becoming increasingly violent and Carla doesn’t know if she can conceal the situation much longer. People in the town are starting to talk and her life is at risk.

Carla finally faces the fact that she must leave Sebastian for her daughter’s sake as well as her own.

But her choices are bleak.

Then a stranger offers her a lifeline. Demo is her only hope, but she’s just met him. Can she trust him?

Carla disappears and Sebastian calls in his police colleagues for help. They start a search but soon realise that they are looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found. The investigation into her disappearance exposes Sebastian and soon the police start to look more closely at his activities and find out that his much admired, if unorthodox, policing methods are corrupt. The truth about the domestic violence is finally unveiled, but the whole town refuses to expose Sebastian.

Sebastian tries to hunt down Carla. His worry has turned into anger and his reasons for finding her now are fuelled by revenge. Once again Carla is in danger.



Matteo Marini is an infectious disease specialist and scientist working in Rome. His already rocky and unhappy marriage is put to the test when his ambitions wife Valeria wants him to open an exclusive clinic for the idle rich, which goes against his personal ethics. Put in a corner, Matteo ends his marriage and leaves her to join his friend, Luca, in the Amazon jungle to do something he considers more worthwhile: fight a deadly virus.

In the jungle he also finds Tatiana and true love at last.

But what Matteo finds in the lab is not at all what he expected. He has a gut feeling that something in not right at MillerFarma, the pharmaceutical company he works for, so when he receives a warning from a psychic that the world is in imminent danger, he cannot get the warning out of his mind. Faced with the possibility of becoming entangled in international espionage, he has a stark choice: do nothing and escape harm or take action and risk everything.

In the jungle Matteo must now fight between what he can prove and what he feels is right.



When a Parisian artist borrows a pair of thongs to catch a handbag thief on the French Riviera, things don’t exactly go smoothly. He becomes obsessed with finding the owner of the flowery footwear, and when he finally finds her, she is none too pleased. He recognizes a part of his past self in her and embarks on a project to show her how life should be lived.

A comedy of errors follows when his neighbor sees them together and announces to his mother that her son is about to marry, but she is engaged to another man back in London. Things get into a tangle as the woman’s fiancé, her mother, and the artist’s family all arrive in Menton and come to blows.

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