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Paradox Living…where trial & error happens…
But where magic begins!

Paradox, an absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true.

If everything around us is a paradox and everyone has a paradoxical nature to them, wouldn’t it be fair to say that understanding and accepting the paradoxes in your life might lead you to discover something magical that no one thought possible?

Through our workshops we help young people find the courage to produce and then share! Whether it’s a presentation for a board room meeting, a song, a science experiment, an idea, or a product, if we keep it too close to us it can hurt us in the long run. Sharing changes the world for the better.

In his book ‘The Practice—Shipping Creative Work’, Seth Godin says, ‘Ship your creative work, because it doesn’t count if you don’t share it.’ But to share requires courage and belief in yourself; not feeling good enough, to ship your creative work, idea, invention, or yourself is a catalyst for an unhappy life. Paradox Living promotes a lifestyle that involves and encourages trial & error while you share your creative work. You don’t want your work to be flawless or perfect, because we know that the pursuit of perfection is the artists’ biggest slag—waste material that produces no good. Share what you have now and don’t fear what you might discover, it might be uncomfortable, but it might also be magical!

There is a process you must follow to improve your work, your relationship, your business, and your life which includes finding the answers yourself through the mistakes. Only then can you communicate what it feels like to fail or succeed, feel defeated or excited, believe in yourself, and doubt everything you do.

Once you have lived it, you can teach it and share it, no matter your credentials, your gender, your disability or your circumstances. Sharing isn’t as hard as it looks, and reaching your target audience is easier than you think. 


We all have the potential to reach our tipping point—the point where great things start to happen for us, but without the courage to try and fail, that point will be impossible to reach.

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