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The President of the United States, Maurice Reed has become a marionette who has lost his sense of belonging and rationality. Maipulated by an octopus puppeteer, the president starts to recieve mised messages that form the very paradoxes in his life. 

The Italian 'Ndrangheta, the most powerful criminal organisation in the world, wants the tangible—the White House, as well as the intengible—the president's mind.

The president starts to manifest the first signs of paranoia as he questions if the Mafia is real or a figment of his imagination, and if what he is being accused of and blackmailed over ever occurred. 

His dream of approaching the war on drugs differently has become a timebomb that will put his family and the nation at risk. With the president not fir for office and his mental state developing into something more sinister, the White House starts to panic. A plan to swiftly and efficiently restore order comes to light, but who is the real architect of this plan? 

A gripping political thriller that outlines the complexities of our minds, the future of drugs, and society's collective dopamine-driven mental stage in a technological world, this is an inspiring story of a mother and wife and her tenacity to hold her family together in times of crisis. 

The President's Paradox

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