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Mental Health Art Exhibition

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Take Time for mental health


One One One, Eagle Street sits elegantly high, overlooking the river. It has witnessed more floods than it should’ve, yet it stands firm, solid, and proud. 


The inoffensive azure glass tower blends and merges with the sky above, like something that is there but not there, nonintrusive but recognizable, adding subtle beauty to the Brisbane skyline. 


At night it continues to deliver wonder with its captivating display of lights that edge the building and beyond, like the branches of the magnificent fig tree on the small triangular plot across the road. Granted by royalty, the plot houses the fig tree, a symbol of peace, well-being, prosperity, and spiritual knowledge. 


The grand foyer of One One One, with its Turkish granite floors, welcomes individuals who want to strive, succeed, and make a change in the world. Like the fig tree, which provided workmen with respite from the hectic wharf trading area, One One One offers mental respite for those who walk its granite floors, encouraging them to take time for their mental health, so they can all thrive in what they do.


Thank you for hosting

Giovanna Fera

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