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Flowland Fairy Academy  

Self-Development & Art Therapy Workshops


These empowering and unique art workshops designed for boys and girls use a combination of storytelling, painting analysis, artmaking with different mediums, art psychotherapy, gardening, and lots more fun things in each lesson. Each session has a theme, and the content of the workshop is based on my physical paintings and the first three books of the Flow Tales Fairy series. In this safe space we explore the feelings of our fairies and how they helped heal our planet.


Mermaid & Mermen Rescue Team | Paradox ( Rainbow Ruby | Paradox (  - Amy, Hippo & Ukraine War | Paradox (


               Ages 5-10

               4-8 people

              Every second Wednesday 3.30 - 5.30 (Bookings for term 2 now open)

               Location:              Paddington


                                          0401 563070

               Cost:                    $35 each session


               Session One:      Awareness -knowledge, perception, concern.     

               Session Two:       Body Image - self-love – you are good enough.                                                       Session Three:    Painting analysis (Amy & Hippo) our anxious mind.

               Session Four:      Resilience & Motivation –

               Session Five:       Connecting to nature (Making a Flowland Garden Pot).

               Session Six:        Painting analysis (Mermaids & Mermen) exploring our hidden thoughts.

               Session Seven     Writing your story – Journaling.

               Session Eight      Bullying.

               Session Nine      Finding your pack of friends.

               Jolly Session       Understanding anxiety- how it feels in your body.

               Jolly Session       Painting analysis (Rainbow Ruby) processing feelings.

               Jolly Session       Learning to speak up and have a strong voice.


This series of workshops allows children to become part of the story as we explore the feelings of the three friendly shapeshifter and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome to heal the earth. Art therapy taps into the subconscious which helps the child to interpret, express and manage their emotions.

These workshops develop empathy, because empathy is not an emotion it’s a skill, and with that skill children can make a contribution towards helping others, the planet and themselves. Developing a leadership mindset early in life, while they play and learn to solve problems creatively, is what is going to help them navigate life and become great leaders for others and for themselves. Empowerment comes from serving and helping others and saving our planet.


We don’t want children to lose their ability to imagine and be creative as they will have lost a precious tool that will help them later in life to creatively deliver solutions for us all.

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