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Author, artist, educator, art therapist, and mental health advocate, Giovanna Fera, believes every child needs access to the portal of free expression that is opened by imagination and creativity. Children need a place they can seek refuge in when things get a little challenging.


Peaceful and serene sleep enables children to drift away into a world where there are no dangers or threats, and where the body can repair itself; but most of all where magic can happen. Children absorb the feelings and fears of adults around them; therefore, bed and story time is the prep work for a healing sleep experience.


This bedtime series shows the potential of flow are in healing and relaxing. Through this book's original artwork, the child becomes the artist as they look for their own funny and happy faces in the story they invent. Children victims of domestic violence who constantly live in flight or fight mode can benefit from this art and story bedtime ritual. These children, more than others, have the right to peaceful sleep in a magical safe place and dream of their flow friends who will keep them company and protect them for the night!

Bedtime Flow Tales Pink

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